Important: Recently, Adobe Acrobat Pro released a new user interface for Windows and Mac Users. Some Acrobat features are not available yet. Since they know the product is incomplete, they have the option to disable what they call "New Acrobat" until they finish the job. To do this, choose "Menu > Disable New Acrobat".

This is a very brief tutorial on the Acrobat Pro Action Wizard tool. This tool can be helpful, and sometimes required, to make a PDF more accessible.  It is the best option if you do not have access to the PDF's editable source document (e.g., Word or InDesign file).

Video Summary

  1. Check if you have the required buttons.
  2. Click the "Action Wizard" button.
    • It will open a new right sidebar.
  3. Click the "Make Accessible" button.
    • It will open a new right sidebar.
  4. Click the "Start" button.
    • Follow the "Action Wizard" prompts.
    • On the last dialog box "Accessibility Checker Options", choose "Start Checking".
      • It will open a new left sidebar.
  5. Examine the Accessibility items in the left sidebar.
  6. Open the right sidebar, if not already open.
  7. Click the "Accessibility" button.
  8. Click the "Reading Order" button.
    • It will open the "Reading Order" dialog box.
  9. Choose "Page content order".
    • Review the numbers on the page to see if they are logical.
  10. Review all remaining issues marked in the left sidebar, in this example we check the following issues (Your results will likely be different):
    • Check color contrast visually, fix if necessary.
    • Check "Alternative text", fix if necessary.
    • Check "Tables", fix if necessary.
    • Check "Headings", fix if necessary.
    • Check "Title" for human readable document title (missing from video).
  11. Recheck all issues.

If the Accessibility Checker has a lot of issues, try to run it through Robobraille instead as a start. Then try the Action Wizard again. For full documentation see:

  1. Adobe's documentation on the Action Wizard.
  2. LinkedIn Learning Creating Accessible PDFs (Free when you log in using your Duke email address.)