Robobraille for PDF remediation

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If a PDF file has a lot of errors, there is an alternative option to fix some issues faster. Use the Robobraille PDF conversion service. All you do is upload a file for conversion. Then it will e-mail the file back to you with many of the issues automatically fixed. There are still a few follow-up tests. But it will be a better starting point.


Go to Robobraille. It will ask you for a Source. Choose "File".

  1. Upload your document.
  2. Select output Format. Choose "Accessibility conversion".
  3. Specify accessibility conversions. Choose Target Format "pdf - Tagged PDF (text over image)"
  4. Enter your email address and submit it.

It will email you the result. Re-check it in Acrobat to see the improvements and make the last few manual checks.

full description of image instructions were above the image.


ALWAYS: Open the file in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and ensure it has an accurate Title. Go to Choose "File > Properties..." and set it there.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, recheck it to be sure it passes manual checks, like having:

  • a page Title,
  • image alt text,
  • headings,
  • and color contrast.