Important: Recently, Adobe Acrobat Pro released a new user interface for Windows and Mac Users. Some Acrobat features are not available yet. Since they know the product is incomplete, they have the option to disable what they call "New Acrobat" until they finish the job. To do this, in the menu choose "View > Disable New Acrobat".

Basic setup for accessibility testing in Acrobat Pro.

This is something you only need to do one time. Acrobat will remember these settings moving forward.

Video Summary

  1. Expand the right-side bar.
    1. In the "Search tools" field type:
      1. Accessibility, then right-click "Accessibility" then "Add shortcut".
      2. Wizard, then right-click "Action Wizard" then "Add shortcut".
  2. Expand the left-side bar.
    1. Right-click and choose "Accessibility tags".
    2. Right-click and choose "Reading order".

Now that you are done with that, you can check PDF files for accessibility.

For more comprehensive training watch LinkedIn Learning Creating Accessible PDFs. It is free when you log in using your Duke email address.