We offer web accessibility training sessions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of web, document, and event accessibility. 

Recurring training sessions

Web Accessibility Fundamentals for content creators

Be part of the solution. Help provide equal access to people with disabilities by learning a few essential web accessibility best practices. Learn how to make everyone feel welcome on your website so it is inclusive, accessible, and compliant with WCAG standards. 

Adventures in Document Accessibility

Join us for an adventure. Learn how to make your PDF and MS Office documents accessible to everyone. 

Inclusive Zoom events

Learn tips on how to make your Zoom events more inclusive so all people feel welcome. Learn tips on how to prepare for the event and how to use features like live captioning.

Coming soon!

InDesign Accessibility Training for PDF files - 05/04/2022

Learn five essential tips and tricks to make your InDesign PDF files more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities. 

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