Document Checklist:

Step 1: Add a Document Title: 

  1. File > File info…
  2. Fill “Document title” Field

Step 2: Mapping Heading styles to Tags:

  1. Use Paragraph styles for headings
  2. Right-click on a style > Edit…
    • Click “Export Tagging” tab on left
    • Change PDF “Tag:” field (AT THE BOTTOM) and change to a heading.

Step 3: Mark Table Headers: 

  1. Select top header rows (sometimes there might be two rows that are headers).
  2. Right-click choose “Convert to Header Rows”

Step 4: Add alt text to images: 

  1. Right-click an image > choose “Object Export Options…”
    • Select the “Tagged PDF” tab
    • Change “Alt Text Source” dropdown field to “Custom”
    • Enter alt text that describes the image 
  2. OR for decorative images
    • Set “Apply Tag” dropdown field to “Artifact”

STEP 5: Use the Layers panel:

  1. Use the "Windows > Layers" panel
  2. Put graphics and content in the order the page should be read in (top to bottom, left to right).

Step 6: Create Bookmarks (20 pages or more): 

  1. Open the Window > Interactive > “Bookmarks” pane 
    • Select a heading
    • Click the New (file icon at bottom of pane)
    • Repeat for other major headings
  2. Optional alternative: Use the TOC to generate easier.


How to Export accessible InDesign files:

InDesign export configurations are set once and it should remember them for future exports “Set it and forget it”.

Traditional InDesign export configuration

Create a configuration:

  1. File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define…
  2. Choose Favorite export preset
  3. Click “New…” button
    • Compatibility Field “Acrobat 8/9”
    • Checkmark:
      • “Create Tagged PDF"
      • “Bookmarks”
      • “Hyperlinks”
    • Name your preset as so you know it is your accessible preset
  4. Choose “Advanced” tab
    • Change “Display Title” dropdown to “File name”

Exporting each PDF:

  1. File > Export
    1. Format: “Adobe PDF (Print)”
    2. Click “Save” button
      • Export dialog box opens
      • Choose Adobe PDF Preset we just made.
      • Click the "Export" button

InDesign interactive export configuration 

  1. File > Export
  2. Click "Save" button
    • Export dialog box opens
      • Check "Create Tagged PDF"
      • Check "Use Structure of Tab Order"
    • Go to "Advanced" tab on left
      • Change "Display title" field to "Document Title"
    • Click the "Export" button