Together we can make and keep Duke's web presence an inclusive experience for all.


The first step to self-sufficiency is for everyone to know the rules. Duke's Web Accessibility Team offers free training on a regular basis and is able to visit departments for hands-on help. Contact us!

When everyone keeps web accessibility in mind, a website can remain compliant. Being proactive will make future assessments easy. Visitors will not lodge complaints. There will be no unexpected violations to remediate. 

Continued monitoring

Compliance is a team effort. Keeping a website compliant is a continuous effort. Websites are living things. Content changes, features are added. When a site becomes compliant, it might not stay compliant. Everyone must be vigilant to keep it in compliance.

Even with the best intentions, a site can drift out of compliance. Forgetting to use alt text is one example. Nominating an Accessibility Liaison for each website to spot audit your site on a regular basis so violations do not build up.

Priority websites will have official assessments at regular intervals by the Web Accessibility Team. If a website drifts out of compliance the website owners will be notified, and this will result in a new remediation plan. Being reactive also costs more than keeping web accessibility in mind at all times.