Duke has a longstanding practice of using websites to communicate, share information and transact business with internal and external constituents. Over the years, Duke’s web presence has grown to include:

  • Institutional, core administrative websites
  • School, center, institute and departmental websites
  • Individual or project-oriented websites
  • Social media properties

In an effort to improve the accessibility of all Duke’s websites, the Web Accessibility Committee and Office of Digital and Strategic Communications have developed guidance and options for those managing websites at Duke.

Our Web Accessibility Team will be reaching out to each website's administrator to identify a Web Accessibility Liaison as a point person for communications related to web accessibility.

Reminder: New and substantially modified websites should incorporate Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. The guidelines identify certain high-priority websites, “Tiers 1 and 2”, and set forth a remediation and monitoring schedule for those sites.

 Tier 1Tier 2

Sites that contain essential information and on which critical transactions are performed.

Sites include academic divisions, academic departments, and core administrative offices. 

AuditOnce a monthBi-yearly
Website or webpage

Core administrative offices and essential information

  • admissions.duke.edu
  • calendar.duke.edu
  • commencement.duke.edu
  • coronavirus.duke.edu
  • duke.edu
  • dukecard.duke.edu
  • dukehealth.org
  • emergency.duke.edu
  • facilities.duke.edu
  • financialaid.duke.edu
  • hr.duke.edu
  • oit.duke.edu
  • police.duke.edu
  • prepare.duke.edu
  • publicaffairs.duke.edu
  • registrar.duke.edu
  • security.duke.edu
  • software.duke.edu
  • students.duke.edu
  • today.duke.edu


  • access.duke.edu
  • accessibility.duke.edu
  • oarc.duke.edu
  • oie.duke.edu
  • parking.duke.edu/accessibility
  • brand.duke.edu
  • web.accessibility.duke.edu














  • divinity.duke.edu
  • duke-nus.edu.sg
  • fuqua.duke.edu
  • law.duke.edu
  • gradschool.duke.edu
  • nicholas.duke.edu
  • pratt.duke.edu
  • sanford.duke.edu
  • medschool.duke.edu
  • nursing.duke.edu
  • trinity.duke.edu


  • bigdata.duke.edu
  • genome.duke.edu
  • dibs.duke.edu
  • energy.duke.edu
  • entrepreneurship.duke.edu
  • fhi.duke.edu
  • globalhealth.duke.edu
  • interdisciplinary.duke.edu
  • kenan.ethics.duke.edu
  • nicholasinstitute.duke.edu
  • scienceandsociety.duke.edu
  • ssri.duke.edu

Other core administrative offices

  • evp.duke.edu
  • finance.duke.edu
  • president.duke.edu
  • provost.duke.edu
  • undergrad.duke.edu

Other high-profile websites

  • alumni.duke.edu
  • chapel.duke.edu
  • giving.duke.edu
  • goduke.com
  • library.duke.edu

Duke's primary social media

  • facebook.com/DukeUniv/
  • youtube.com/user/Duke
  • twitter.com/DukeU
  • instagram.com/dukeuniversity/

If your website is not listed here it does not mean you can ignore these guidelines or that your site will not be added to existing tiers or additional tiers in the future. If your website is added in the future you will be notified.